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Feria del libro de Bogotá


The FILBO is an international mixed fair that summons public of all the profiles and that is carried out annually to promote the retail and wholesale of products and services of the publishing industry.
The International Book Fair of Bogotá was first carried out in 1987, after identifying the need to hold a professional fair that allowed the development of a massive campaign to promote reading through a cultural program of national and international interest, and the organized and quality exhibition of national and international publishing funds.
The Fair is one of the most representative and traditional cultural events in our country.  In addition, it enjoys international recognition, consolidating itself as one of the events of greater level and importance in Latin America.
The fair represents an important business space and the most important book event for the national and international publishing sector, which also promotes and encourages the habit of reading.  It is one of the most important cultural and economic scenes of the Colombian capital city.

In 2017 the fair will celebrate its 30 years of existence as the epicenter of the country·s largest literary offer and the traditional reading platform of Colombians. It represents then the opportunity to exalt the fair as a national cultural symbol.

Purpose of the event 

To promote the development of the publishing and graphic sector, as well as the intellectual and cultural production, the promotion of reading and the promotion of the book.

Sectors involved 

  • National and international edition 
  • Children and Youth Literature 
  • Technical and scientific book 
  • Universities
  • State entities, governors· offices, writers. 
  • Graphic industry 

"I celebrates de risk because it teach us to failure."

Mariana Enriquez