Feria del libro de Bogotá

How to get here


Note: Américas parking only available on april 29th, 30th and may 1st for vehicles.



You can call up a taxi on the pone, or use a mobile app. As a simple security precaution, we suggest you do not board a taxi on the street. There will be an easily-visible card in the taxi, identifying the vehicle and the driver; and a sheet of charges in units and equivalent in money ($, pesos). The taxi-meter displays the units and related charge for your journey. They only take cash.

Transfers to and from the airport, trips outside city limits and services at night and on public holidays are subject to s surcharge.


This is Bogotá´s mass transit system. There are 12 main routes along major roads: Caracas, Autopista Norte, Suba, Calle 80, NQS Central, NQS Sur, Américas, Eje Ambiental, Calle 26, Carrera Décima and Carrera Séptima (SITP).

The stations closest to Agora Bogotá are: CAD,on Av. NQS, opposite Catastro and Corferias, which i son Av. 26 three blocks Exhibition Centre.

Sistema integrado de transporte público - SITP

SITP is an integrated system involving Transmilenio with routes all over the city. For details of routes and service schedules please see:

  • Route 60 Cortijo/Zarazota
  • Route 91 Bosa San José/Porciúncula
  • Route 164 San Carlos Tibabuyes/Centro
  • Route 166 Porciúncula/Metrovivienda
  • Route 361 El Refugio/Villa Gloria
  • Route 505 El Nogal/Kasandra
  • Route 603B Germania/Patio Bonito
  • Route 674 El Uval/Florida
  • Route C11 Villa del Rio/Porciúncula
  • Route C135 Bosa San José/Germania
  • Route T37 Germania/Fontanar del Rio

¿En dónde me leo?

"Me leo cuando dejo de habitarme, cuando salgo de mí y me convierto en el ser, en la experiencia o en la vida que alguien más ha escrito".

Emiliano Monge   México

¿Para qué me leo?

"Para romper y arreglar y luego volver a romper el juguete de lo real".

Carlos Manuel Álvarez Rodríguez Cuba