About the event


FILBO is an annual international fair that attracts visitors of various profiles and promotes retail and wholesale products and services for the publishing industry.

The Bogotá International Book Fair started in 1987, after identifying a need to hold a professional fair that would foster the development of a massive promotional reading campaign, through a national and international interest cultural program, and an organized quality exhibition of national and international publishing funds.

The Fair is one of the most representative and traditional cultural events of our country but specifically in Colombia’s capital city.  In addition, it is internationally recognized and has become one of the most important high level events in Latin America.

The fair represents an important space for business and the most important book event for the national and international publishing sector, which also promotes and encourages reading habits. 


To stimulate the publishing and graphic sector, as well as the intellectual and cultural. It also intends to encourage reading by book promotion.


  • National and International Publishers
  • Children and Youth Literature
  • Technical and Scientific Books
  • Universities
  • Government agencies
  • Writers.
  • Graphic Designers

¿En dónde me leo?

"Me leo en esos periódicos de los domingos que traían historietas a doble página y a todo color. En el olor del chocolate y el café, y en el sabor del pan y las arepas".

Miguel Ángel Manrique Colombia