Ícono jornadas profesionales Feria del Libro de Bogotá

FILBo 2024 Professional Conferences

Ícono jornadas profesionales Feria del Libro de Bogotá

FILBo 2024 Professional Conferences

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FILBo have a literary, cultural, academic and professional program that will bring together all the actors of the book production chain in the country, together with Mexican publishers, distributors and booksellers who will be at the Fair with a sample of their culture and editorial production for all visitors.

For 15 days, Bogotá will once again become the cultural and literary epicenter of the country, with activities for all audiences.

Let's celebrate together 35th anniversary of the most important cultural event in Colombia!

Guest of honor, Mexico

Ícono play Feria del Libro de Bogotá

This is the FILBo

From the moment freedom of expression ceases to be ours, it is no longer freedom. If we cannot state that there are murders perpetrated against women out of some kind of hate, then the language is betraying us.

Laura Baeza


Literature is not here to bring us answers but to generate questions

Jean Baptiste del Amo


The books contain the words of the wise, the examples of the ancients, the customs, the laws and the religion.

Nuccio Ordine


In pain there is something luminous and revealing [...] empathy does not grow and you do not understand the fragility that surrounds human life.

Mónica Ojeda


Literature is the best way to evade reality. It lands you with new tools.

Paula Ortiz


The illustrator's look is always different [...] the authors want to draw with our hands

Mariana Massarani


It is easier to see the limits of others than your own. We do not understand that in diversity there is a hidden richness

Giacomo Mazzariol


The world has a historical debt with the black populations, for the period of slavery; However, decoloniality proposes putting aside that debt, healing the pain and moving on.

Djamila Ribeiro


I have written more against violence than with violence, because for me violence is what each subjectivity delimits an action as violent.

Arelis Uribe


Perhaps if men read more women's stories, different women's stories, they would be more likely to see women as fully human, and less as objects that exist to satisfy their needs.

Chimamanda Ngozi


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