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FILBo 2023

FILBo 2023

During these 35 years, the most important cultural event in Colombia has been training and encouraging readers in our country, and allowing the revitalization of the publishing market (printing, rights, internationalization of our authors) and has left an indelible mark as one of the most important fairs in Latin America.
In 2023, Mexico is the Guest of Honor and the main theme is Roots, which will be present in our cultural and academic programming.
The main theme of the FILBo is Roots, a word understood as the cause that leads us to celebrate this important anniversary; as origin, to celebrate the three roots of our culture -indigenous, Spanish and African-; as support to have crucial conversations from sustainability, environment, gender and peace; and as a foundation, to talk about the roots and uprooting of migrant people.


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