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FILBo Ilustra

Within the framework of the Professional Conferences, those dedicated to training in illustration are part of the Encounters of Children and Youth Literature, a FILBo space for discussion and training of people interested in knowing more about the books thought, written, illustrated and published for children and youth.

In these two sessions, professionals trained in the field of illustration have a space dedicated to the exploration of graphic language in its different expressions. Here, the participants can improve their technique and learn from two great illustrators with wide international recognition: Roger Ycaza and Marina Massarani.

Illustration master class with Roger Ycaza
Roger Ycaza

Friday April 28th
8:00 a.m to 11:50 a.m
FILBo Workshops 2
The Ecuadorian illustrator and musician will share his illustration techniques and how they relate to music. He will also explore, along with the attendees, the difference between making your own book and one for a writer.

Suggested materials:
  1. Cardboard (A3, A4)
  2. Chinese ink (black)
  3. Brushes
  4. Water container
  5. Blotting paper
  6. Sketchbook
Illustrating for little kids: workshop to create an accordion book
Marina Massarani

Saturday April 29th
8:00 a.m to 11:50 a.m
FILBo Workshops 2
The Brazilian illustrator Mariana Massarani shares her techniques, her sources of inspiration and her experience in the publishing world as an illustrator of books for children. In addition, she develops a workshop aimed at illustrators to create their own accordion book, using different techniques, textures and colors. 
This programming is subject to change*

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