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II Forum on Publishing Translation

II Forum on Publishing Translation

April 19th 

A translator is a goldsmith who, as Umberto Eco said, tries to "say almost the same thing" that was said in the original language, but enriching it with the tradition and experience of the target language, always trying to maintain, or even improving, the beauty of the original writing. This craft work can make all the difference for a book to become a bestseller or just one of the hundreds of books that are translated each year, so there are not a few people who consider translation a literary genre in itself.

The Colombian Book Chamber, faithful to its mission of promoting the development of publishing activity in Colombia from all its fields, and in alliance with the Asociación Colombiana de Traductores, Terminólogos e Intérpretes (ACTTI) (Colombian Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters), developed an analysis of the relevant topics and profiles to build a program that contributes to the different professionals involved in the translation process in the country.

It is aimed at translators, publishers, teachers, students and professionals interested in the field of literary translation.


CCL* and ACTTI** affiliates and students 

General Public

1 day

40.000 COP

80.000 COP


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