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What is FILBo?

Since 1988, the Colombian Book Chamber and Corferias have organized the Bogotá International Book Fair, a successful alliance that has positioned this cultural event as one of the most important in the Spanish-speaking world.
For 35 years, it has brought together all the players in the book chain (authors, publishers, editors, proofreaders, translators, distributors, agents and booksellers) who, together with their readers, make up this book ecosystem that grows and strengthens every year.
General objective 2025: To create an event with a cultural and commercial dynamism around books and authors from Colombia and Latin America that will dynamize an industry and keep it in international dialogue, generating conversations on the most important issues for Colombia and the world, as well as sales for the world publishing industry.
  • Mission Statement
    To unite Colombia through the chain of creation and production of books and reading, where cultural and commercial aspects shape the fair and reflect the realities of the country.
  • Vision
    To ensure that FILBo by 2025 is a reference point for books and reading beyond Latin America, and that it influences reflection on the issues that concern and occupy us.
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