Cómo llegar a Corferias
The FILBo at:
Feria del libro de Bogotá

France, guest of honor of FILBo 2017

This 30th version of the Book Fair invites France as the guest country, offering a diverse program focused on all target FILBo audiences. It will host 3,000 square meters of a modern pavilion dedicated to young adults and children’s literature, comics and illustrations, as well as several activities linked to these topics. The main objective of this participation is to showcase a different characteristic of French creative, contemporary and popular writings, while considering culture as a tool of social cohesion in the context of Colombia’s post-conflict.

Furthermore, an important delegation will sponsor and present new collaborations between French and Colombian artists and authors. Undoubtedly, many surprises are in store!

The hall, designed by a group of professionals directed by architect Manuel Villa, will offer three libraries (children’s literature, young adult’s literature, comics and mainstream literature), an auditorium prepared for a cycle of lectures and panels with authors/illustrators, a workshop venue, exhibit halls, a parisian-style coffee shops and a restaurant area with a variety of gastronomic proposals in the best French style. Animated and organized libraries by ACLI (Colombian Association of Independent Librarians) will put 20,000 publications up for sale, in both French and Spanish.

"Yo celebro el riesgo porque enseña a fracasar."
"Celebrate the power of taking risks, it will teach you to embrace failure"

Mariana Enriquez